Welcome to intro.verse.chorus

You have to get to know your song. You gotta take it apart, put it back together again, keep it clean, ‘cause someday in combat it might save your life…

Hey, welcome to the inaugural post of “intro.verse.chorus”. A blog dedicated to the exploration of that wonderfully elusive and amorphous jam-making activity known as songwriting. Written by songwriters for songwriters, we plan to delve into all aspects of the craft, both inspirational and perspirational (is that a word?) as well as any and all related topics along the way.

Whether you’ve been writing songs forever or just starting out, we’d love for you to join us, contribute and hopefully take something away as we go that will inspire you to write better tunes or just write.

We kinda hope it’ll be fun too.

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Until next time, we’d like to leave you with a light-hearted, songwriting mini-masterclass of sorts courtesy of the late, great Harry Nilsson.

(Can’t see the vid? Click here)

-Posted by Mark

Mark Bacino
is a singer/songwriter based in New York City with three album releases to his credit as an artist. When not crafting his own melodic brand of retro-pop, Mark can be found producing fellow artists or composing for television/advertising via his Queens English Recording Co. Mark is also the founder/curator of intro.verse.chorus.